Rachio 2 replacement power supply

Hey Everyone, Recently my power supply stopped working so I ordered one from Amazon but now I noticed when the valves open they are unable to close. I can’t seem to find where to get an oem power supply for my rachio 2.

Rachio uses a 24 VAC power supply. Can you post a label of the replacement power supply that was purchased?

heres the link to the power supply i bought. https://www.amazon.com/ALITOVE-Supply-Adapter-100-240V-Converter/dp/B07VL8W6MQ
the only place i can find the oem replacements are in ebay used. isn’t there somewhere to get them new without buying a new system.

@booticles711 - that is DC adapter (output: 24V DC, 1A max;) Rachio needs AC.

You need something like this, but with 1 A or 1,000 mA output:


I’m seeing some for american outlets on ebay but they contain a power brick but my outlet has a weatherproof cover. Can Rachio just sell me one, buying another device just for the power supply seems ridiculous,

If you are living in the US, or other 110V country, than this should work:

It comes with the straight plug, which may be harder to use depending on the enclosure, if you need it, here are the 90 degree adapters (couldn’t readily find supply with those already included)