Rachio 2 power supply died

Hi I have Rachio 2 and suddenly stopped, after I opened the box the power supply is smelling and burnt. Where do I buy the new power supply.

Hey @ashghuman!

We can absolutely send you a new one, but I need some information first since I can’t seem to find you in our system. Would you be able to DM me with the following information:
*Order # (if purchased on rachio.com)
*Generation of controller

Thanks :slight_smile:

I bought Rachio 2 from Lowes. My name and address are given below:
Paul Ghuman
554 N. Oxford Ln
Chandler, AZ 85225
Here is the information from Lowes website:
Purchase Date:


Order Status:

Picked Up

Order #:




Please let me know, if you need anything else.

This is perfect, thank you!

Is your community email a good one to use as well?

Yes and its, "ashghuman@gmail.com"

I have one more question. I also have Rachio 3 and will replace Rachio 2. The screw slots in the Rachio box are exactly the same with Rachio 3. Also do I have to delete old rachio in the app and installed Rachio 3. Please let me know. After I get the power supply for Rachio 2, I will give it o my son.

Great! I’ll have my team get that sent over as soon as possible.

The Rachio 3 and Generation 2 have the same mounting holes, so no need to recreate those. Also, you will want to delete the Generation 2 once you give it to your son. He can then request an account transfer by following these instructions.

At anytime, you can add your Rachio 3 by clicking the controller name on your Home screen and then clicking Add Controller.

Feel free to stop back here if you have more questions :slight_smile:

Thanks. How long it will take to get the Rachio 2 power supply. Thanks again for your help. You guys are wonderful.

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You’re very welcome! I’m glad we could help :slight_smile: We’ll ship the power supply out tomorrow so it should be there by Friday!

I have a Rachio 2 with a dead powersupply - I’d love instructions for ordering an replacement.

Hey @orourkedavid.m! So sorry about that - can you shoot a note to support@rachio.com? They can get you all squared away :slight_smile: