Rachio 2 not scheduling the sprinklers

I installed the new controller and tested it . Everything worked. Set it up to water automatically when needed and it scheduled the system per the weather forecast. Seemed to be working properly. Then we had several weeks of forecasted rain (and a lot of actual rain) so no scheduled runs which I would expect. The last time the sprinklers ran was Sept 7. We haven’t had any rain for over a week now and no rain in the immediate forecast but there are still no scheduled runs for the next few months. My lawn is drying up and the back yard is turning to dust (I was gone most of the time). Finally used the Quick Start to manually run the sprinklers and it worked. I do have a rain sensor installed. I can set up a manual schedule, but the whole reason I bought this controller was to let it do the scheduling and save me on my water bill.

Your schedule is disabled. Once you re-enable should be good to go. :wink:

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Thanks, the simple fixes are the best. I had it enabled when I set it up. How or why would it disable itself?

We haven’t had any feedback regarding schedules being disabled by the system. It might have been an accident?