Rachio 2 Manual Control via Local WAN

Curious if there is a way to control a Rachio 2 when internet connection is lost, but local network is still up? My internet is down so I have no access to the outside world but all household devices are still connected to my local wireless router. If my phone, and by extension the app, and the Rachio 2 is still connected via a local IP address to the wireless router, why does the device say “Offline”? Basically need “local” access without needing permission from a server location somewhere else. Or am I missing something?

Try turning off your network on your cell phone so you connect to the Internet thru the cell service. Turn your cell phone network back on when your internet service is back up.
Does that work for you?

I actually just thought of this after posting. Haven’t tried yet. Service was restored this afternoon and everything is back to normal. But, I’ll try it out for next time. I appreciate it.

To answer your question, no. Rachio requires internet in order to gain access to the controller, as the grunt work is done in the cloud.

BUT, if you have fixed schedules, those schedules will run indefinitely without internet. If you have any of the Flex schedules, they will run fine for a few weeks, but will require internet connection to be restored.

Would this be a viable option?

Sure could. I’ve thrown my rental houses on Verizon Jet Packs if they are going to be vacant for any length of time…