Rachio 2 controller does not shut off zone

I turned my sprinklers back on today after having the controller on Standby for the winter. I ran a quick Run from my Android phone, and Zone 1 did not shut off manually. The app and wall controller did not show anything running. I was able to go through the rest of my zones, but zone 1 never stopped. I had to shut off water on the entire line to get it to stop. Any ideas? I’d like to resume my sprinklers soon here.

I have the same problem here. Rachio 2 controller that was just turned back on from Standby. Zone 1 keeps going and can’t be stopped from the app. Had to shut off water completely on the line. Anybody has a solution yet?

Stuck valve or failed valve is likely.

I think the best solution in this thread is to:


I agree it’s probably a valve stuck open, but to flush, I don’t only remove the solenoid & flush water through the solenoid hole (on the top of the valve), but I shut the water pressure down @ backflow (or ball valve/meter if there’s no backflow, God forbid), & I will unscrew the valve & open the valve up & usually there’s debris, such as a small rock or PVC glue sitting there inside the valve, & I’ll use my fingers or even needle nose pliers to remove the debris, then carefully reassemble the valve & turn the water pressure back on. Sometimes on older valves, I’ll have a new valve nearby to rebuild the valve, using the bonnet (top part of valve) & solenoid & reattaching those to the old bottom part of the valve, & sometimes, when everything else fails, I’ll cut the old valve out & install an entire new valve.