Rachio 1 Smart Sprinkler Controller - regular WiFi disconnecting/going offline after 3-4 hours


I’m Rachio 1 Smart Sprinkler Controller (8ZULW) user since few years. Equipment worked great for all this time. Unfortunately recently it started to disconnect from my WiFi, going offline after 3-4 hours of work. When it goes offline, only way to get it working again is to power it off and on. I’ve didn’t changed anything in my WiFi equipment, it’s 2,4GHz router with WPA2-PSK password on broadcasted SSID. I’ve tested it on different router/Wifi, changed password, WiFi channel - nothing helped. Can you suggest what can be cause of such device behaviour?



@Xysiu Can you PM me the email used for you account? Will have someone on the engineering team review the account.