Rachio 1 and Tempest

Is it possible to connect a Rachio V1 one with the WeatherFlow Tempest Weather Station? If it is, can you tell me how to do it? Thank you!

Yes @Gene can help you. I have a v1 and got a Tempest for Christmas and he helped me get the Tempest reporting to PWS Weather so I could select it within the Rachio app.

You’ll need a copy your tempest data to be sent to pwsweather.com on continuous basis. Your gen 1 Rachio can then use that data via Aeris weather network.

PM me (link) your tempest / weatherflow station ID and I can either generate a random pwsweather station to host a copy of the data or use the station you’ve created if you go through the steps of registering at pwsweather.com and creating your custom station (it’s free).

Thank you so much for the help! I will give it a try but will be back if I can’t get it to work.

Tempest, by itself, does not support sending data to pwsweather. You need some program to aquire data from tempest, format it, and send it to pwsweather. I have such program running on my server.

If you send me your weatherflow station ID and pwsweather station info, I can add your information to the list of stations to keep updated, free of charge.

Thanks Gene! Just trying to get my head around all this. Tempest sends data to Aeris or you, that data is formatted by Aeirs or you (with Aeris is costs money/you no), that formatted data is sent to pwsweather, then pwsweather sends that data to my Rachio V1? That’s a lot more complicated than I thought. I just ordered my Tempest and haven’t received it yet. When I do I WILL be contacting you again. Thanks again!

My code will get data from Tempest / weather flow servers and reformat it to be useful for pwsweather (which is owned by Aeris). Uploading to them is free, they only charge for download / use of the data.
As far as Aeris is concerned, they get data updates (in some cases, from my server) and have clients (like Rachio) who connects to them to get the data analysis report(s).

Hi Gene! I finally got my Tempest up and running. I’m not quite sure what to send you?

According to the app my station name is but I think that’s my serial number. I found if that helps.

I started a pwsweather.com account but I’m not sure what I’m doing.

Sorry for the ignorance but this is all new to me. Thanks for the help again.

Please edit your post and remove the key. I would suggest Private Messing @gene the details.

Thanks for that! I meant to do it yesterday and forgot.

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