Rachid 3 says running however it does not water

My Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller system stopped watering all of sudden. There was not changes done (no digging, no wiring change, no changes to wifi)
It was working fine from past 18 months and I noticed when I tried to do a manual run to water some zones.
The schedule runs nor the manual run waters. However, the Rachio system says watering.
I tried re-wiring and restarting the system and still not able to get the system back to work. Please help.

I see you have what appears to be a master valve or pump (MV/P). With that in mind, I would probably do something like the following to figure out what is going on, if possible:

Manually turn on the MV/P. While listening to the valve, turn on that zone. You might be able to hear the valve’s turn on/off. If the zone works, something might be up with the MV/P.

I noticed you tried re-wiring the controller (I presume). Another place to check is the opposite end of the wires. Since nothing works, I would first check the common wire. A common thing is the wire nut no longer makes contract or a wire breaks. If you take off the nut, you might have to replace it with a new one to get a waterproof connection.

Another way of testing various things is with a multimeter if you have one. The following link contains information on how to do so: