Rach gen 2 wifi connection issues samsung connect mesh

Having connection issues while doing initial setup. Read many other posts. Verified it is running wpa2-psk security great signal strength next to the unit itself. No ideas on my end.
Just stuck on the 3rd light flashing

@nicknoen Are you still having WiFi issues?

What phone and version are you using?

Can you run this and share the unique generated code with me and I can work with our success team on network compatibility.




Galaxy note 8
System is a gen2 16 valve

@nicknoen Can you create a dedicated 2.4g network for the controller? In the past we’ve seen issues with the Gen 2 and having two networks with the same name but 2.4g and 5g frequencies.

We have detected that the user’s router has 2 networks (5.8GHz and 2.4GHz) with the same name. This causes problems for some internet connected devices and services, please check to see if this affects your product, and if so, advise the user to rename one of the two networks


I dont think i can. Will have to see if i can get into them

Another way is to create a single band (5 or 2.4 ghz) guest network – most routers have that capability. It is “best practice” to put Internet of Things on a guest network isolated from the main network. They almost always still work since they communicate using the Cloud and not directly on the network.