R3 Rain sensor wiring?

Thanks for the reply Franz. FYI, the NWS is mine and is shown on the list. Just doesn’t report the NWS’s rain totals.Attached is my wiring I think it’s right. Also attached is my old wiring. Thanks very much, always appreciate your help.


This week my area received over 5" of rain. The sensor didn’t activate once. Only registers in the history when I remove the sensor wires. It’s a standard 2 wire sensor that works on a GEN1 controller. Has anyone ran into this issue on Gen3?

I have the same exact wiring as you and the same issue with my sensor on Gen3. Manually triggering the sensor showed nothing in the history but disconnecting the wires and putting them back in triggered the disconnection and re-connection of the sensor. When it connects it always stays as activated and nothing runs.

Until I figure out the problem or someone helps us out, I have deactivated the sensor from the app…