Quicker Run

Hello all, new here to and to smart controllers.
So far it’s a very nice unit… I have a R3 12 zone. I really like the yard feature but wish the GPS could be used when locating the sprinkler locations. Anyway, my really only issue with this unit during setup is the quick run for each zone isn’t that quick. On 1 screen it should list all the zones and a play and stop . Why do I have to go in and out of different screens and make multiple elections of run time etc just to do a quick run when testing or adjusting?? Super annoying. I could probably keep picking away at the app feature layout but on a positive note it’s a nice unit and it works when I ask it. I have yet to do a auto run


On my app when I want to do a quick run or test, I hit the play button in the bottom right of the home screen which brings up all the zones. Then I select any zone and in the bottom left corner, SELECT ALL will appear, click that and all zones are selected and then hit next, this takes you to the time screen when all zones will be set at 3 minutes. In the top right, you can select to set time for all zones or set each one independently. Hope this helps.

Thanks, that helps a little. Still to many buttons to run the sprinklers. If I’m walking the yard and want to run a set of sprinklers and then another wish to run this one or that one, it becomes a pain. My zones aren’t all lined up in perfect number order. My zone 1 is next to several other some numbers for example.

Hi, you might consider reordering your low voltage lines that are connected to the Rachio to get them in the desired order. I had to do this and it is a pretty easy process, though you will have to re-specify which zones are in which groupings if you have calendar setups, and also respecify whether it is lawn, garden, etc. It is a pain, but you only have to do it once. For me, I moved the wires around so Zones 1-3 are the lawn and then 4-8 are the gardens around the house in counter-clockwise fashion so I can test and follow the zones around.