Quick run

Once again the app designers are smoking crack. Its like. Yearly thing. Some of us have been around long enough to remember all the LIES about homekit integration on Rachio 2.

Another year another software issue:

WHY HAS QUICK RUN MOVED in the app. You have to basically exit the app to your main controller selection page to find the quick run. Do you know how asinine that is?

You fill the app with all CRAP about lawn care and ruin the app’s functionality in regards to the system.

News flash Rachio- your a sprinkler controller first and foremost. Get a clue.

Stop ruining everything with every “update”

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How many useless pages in this app do we need. Tell me cause I have several. First page is completely useless, I didnt ask for a whole page dedicated to some rip off scam

lawn care either.

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Hey Potato,

If you look on your home screen do you see a blue circle with a play arrow? If you tap that it’ll open up quick run and you can select zones or schedules to run just like before. We did redesign the button to allow it to be a bit more dynamic and put some of the run info on the button rather than add a whole other bar at the bottom of the screen like we’d done previously.

When your system is running, the play arrow disappears and you can see the overall progress of your run around the button. Tapping it will open the additional info like before.

Well said. Adding all this bloat starts to ruin the experience

It’s a bit strange that most of the home screen is populated with ‘helpful’ info that should really be located under a ‘Help’ tab or link. Once you read this information, you don’t really need to look at it again, but it’s been placed so prominently… And for those of us that aren’t new to lawn care, it’s pretty useless. What sense does that make? What about making them a removable panel? i.e. - Allow the user to Dismiss the ‘helpful’ Home Screen ‘notification’ and fill the page with what we really need to see at a glance: recent and forecasted rain/weather, next run, system notifications, etc… (i.e. the current top panel once you dismiss the Thrive advertisement).

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