Quick Run problem

When using the Quick Run option from the Dashboard on the web portal when I select a zone to run I don’t get any option for amount of time to run and I also don’t have the ability to cancel it once it starts. It starts automatically when I click on the zone.

The Quick Run seems to work fine using the app on my phone.

FYI - using Chrome

Thanks, Joe


I’ll let our web development know you are having issues. We have rebuilt the remote to look the same as the mobile apps, so this issue will probably go away when we release the remote for web.


Thanks for reporting the problem.

Any resolution? I’m aggravated not being able to do a simple function like I used to be able to

You can’t get help by just saying “it doesn’t work”. Please describe your problem in more detail.

Does the quick run appear to start normally but no water comes out? If so, please report: Does water flow when you open the valve manually? Is more than one zone affected? What do the indicator lights on the controller show?

If the quick run cannot be started, please report: does it fail from both the mobile app and at https://app.rach.io ? Does the controller show as online? What error messages do you get? What have you tried to resolve the problem?

Hello. I have the same problem my quick run doesn’t start on both mobile app and at https://app.rach.io. Quick run appear to start normally but no water comes out? It used to work fine before. I’ve tried different zones and same results - no water comes out. I do not have error messages and the indicator lights on the controller is normal full blue line.