Quick Run Improvement Suggestion

I am a homeowner in the midst of a yard remodel. After installing some new landscaping, I’m chasing down a few broken pipes and checking operation and adjustment of new sprinklers. The app makes this super convenient since I am able to stand at the trouble spot and turn the valve on and off.

One feature that would help greatly is an addition to the “Quick Run” watering duration. Currently the shortest duration is one minute (there’s also a zero minute option which can’t be selected - get rid of that). This is great for finding broken pipes etc., right up until it isn’t. The trouble is that although the user is presented with a “stop” button after selecting quick run, it doesn’t always react quickly or sometimes at all. When working on a broken pipe, this leads to a big hole full of water and a long wait for drainage in my clay soil before I can get back to the repair.

How about adding a few options to the quick run menu for 1 second, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, etc. for this purpose.

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