Quick run doesn't switch the pump relay to off and the well pump keeps running

Hello everyone,

Hope this topic finds you all great, here is my problem and hopefully, someone can help me:

TLDR; My setup is the controller (Rachio Gen 3) connected to an Orbit 1-2 HP Pump Start Relay (Master and Common wires) and everything seems to be working as the well pump starts as expected when I try a quick run. The problem is that even when the countdown is over the pump doesn’t stop (cause the relay doesn’t switch to off).

That is the short version, now the discoveries: Experimenting with a multimeter I found out that when the controller is not connected to the relay (thru the 24 vac wires) it effectively stops sending 24 volts once the quick run stops (countdown reaches zero). However, when it is connected to the relay - and using the multimeter - once the countdown reaches zero the voltage on the wires is still 24 volts, explaining why the relay never switches to off. Then of course only turning the controller off or pulling the cable from the relay, switches the relay to off stopping the well pump.

Any idea what can be happening here?

Thanks in advance.

Note: The controller is more than 15 feet away from the relay.

Are you, by any chance, using a DC power supply driving the Rachio controller? Rachio controller is compatible with AC supplies only, and will fail to turn off the loads, like you are describing, when being powered by a DC supply.

Often times this issue occurs because DC supplies are more readily available for purchase, especially with a 220V input rating.

Can you please provide photos of your power supply that you use to drive the Rachio controller and photos of how everything is hooked up to the Rachio so we could troubleshoot this further.


First of all thanks Gene for the prompt answer.

Correct, I had to purchase a new AC/DC 230v to 24v adapter as it is 230v what I have close to the well pump, and didn’t notice that detail.

I can’t even try with the original adapter as it burned when I tried to use it with 230, yeah I didn’t read the label first.

Any idea where I can get an adapter AC/AC 230v-24v?, don’t seems to be popular.

Thanks in advance,

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Update: I found a 120vac to 24vac transformer at Amazon. I think Rachio could sell parts :man_shrugging: - Another suggestion is to detect the adapter is feeding it with DC and complain so the user is aware.

Anyway, I will test the setup again once the transformer arrives, then install some 120vac extension if it works as expected :crossed_fingers:

Thanks, will keep you posted.

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