Quick Run by water amount, not minutes

I think a very useful option would be the ability to run a “Quick Run” by entering how much water you want to deliver. The use case for this is watering in certain lawn care products. I use a lot of bio stimulants and apply fungicides and grub control products that require you to water in the application. Typically the products recommend something like, “water in product with 0.25 inches of water”. Currently, the quick run is set up for x amount of minutes, and that is fine for some tasks, but most often, you actually want to irrigate an estimated amount of water like 0.25 or 0.5 inches in each zone. I understand for the easy setup method this is purely an estimation, but I actually went through and set up all the advanced settings (catch cups, soil tests, research…) so it is as accurate as possible. I can do the math to figure it out, but what is the use of a “smart controller” if it can’t help make your life easier by at least estimating a 0.25 inch quick run after you put down a fungicide that needs to be watered in. I would suggest a button on the Quick Run screen to switch between time and water amount, so you can use time if you want to just run it for 1 minute to adjust a sprinkler head, or use amount if you need to water something in with 0.25 inches.

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I second this.