Questions on Flow Meter Behavior

Got the new flow sensor installed Friday and last night was the first real run. I ran the calibration Friday and when the first zone fired last night, it gave me a high flow warning. No warnings from any of the other zones.

When I did the calibration, I’m pretty sure I told it 1 minute to charge the lines. I had been using the system prior to the calibration. After the run, I checked the math and it did show the higher flow rate for the entire run.

My questions are:

  1. Does the flow sensor measure flow during the entire zone run or does it just take a sample after the charge time and use that figure for the entire run? Or does it measure actual real time flow during the run?

  2. Is there a way to change the charge time or do I have to run through a complete calibration?

I’m guessing my problem is/was too short of charge time and when the flow meter did it’s sample, the line was still charging. This first zone is furthermost away from the source and I think that explains the high flow for that zone and that zone only.

Let me know what you think.



@runner1717 Thanks for the great questions.

#1 Today the Flowmeter measures flow around the pressurization time. It averages a sequence of samples to determine the best measurement. We have to be careful with battery usage or we could reduce that lifespan from 2 years to a couple of months.

#2 The charge time can be changed by navigating to your Wireless Flow Meter and then clicking calibration. On the second screen, you’ll see an opportunity to adjust the pressurization time. In the near future, we’ll have that setting living at the controller level.

One thing you can try is to change that time and then only select the single zone to calibrate. If it’s able to calibrate, you know you’ve picked a good pressurization/charge time.


If I’m reading this correctly you are saying flow is only measured at the beginning of a run. I always assumed flow would be measured at least every so often during a run. If true, there is no way for the system to catch a popped head during the middle of the run…until the next run on the same zone occurs. Correct?

That’s what I figured @timber. Sampling for battery’s sake is what I figured it did.

Went ahead and recalibrated all the zones using the longer charge time and was surprised flow rates were higher on all zones. I think it should be fine from here on out.

Thanks for the response!


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