Question re: WiFi band and HomeKit

Hello, new Rachio 3 owner here. I’ve activated the controller but it’s not yet wired. During activation I selected the 2.4 GHz band for WiFi (for greater distance). On my iPad, I’ve successfully added the controller as an accessory via the Home app. In the HomeKit Rachio Setup article, there’s a bullet which states, “After setup, your phone must remain on the same Wi-Fi network as your controller, or you need to have an Apple TV, HomePod, or configured iPad on the same network as the Rachio controller.” You’re not referring to the band here are you? I use the 5 GHz band on my iPad nearly 100% of the time. Is the frequency mismatch going to present a problem, with respect to HomeKit compatibility? Hopefully that makes sense. :wink:

I’ve seen old rumors that HomeKit hub and devices should be on the same band WiFi but that makes no sense to me if they’re all on the same router & network, same netmask, etc. I haven’t had problems: All my IoT devices are on 2.4 ghz for the better range. My ATV 4K HomeKit hub is on the 5 ghz network for the streaming capabilities. My SSIDs for 2.4 and 5 are different. Disclosure: I don’t have a gen 3 Rachio so I’m not using official HomeKit for the gen 2 controller.

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Thanks for the reply. Already verified this morning that 2.4 GHz on the controller and 5 GHz on my iPad presents no problems. Although no wires have yet been connected, I’ve been experimenting with the app and controller, HomeKit, etc. with the controller sitting on the kitchen table. :wink:

p.s. don’t want to hijack my own thread here, but … I have an ATV 4K as well and love it. You mentioned that yours is setup as a HomeKit hub. I don’t have mine setup as a hub, but what else might I use it for with regard to my Rachio controller? You can tell I’m a newbie because yesterday I went looking for a tvOS Rachio app and came up empty! :roll_eyes:

There’s no HomeKit app or Rachio app on ATV so can only use the device as a fixed, wall-powered HomeKit hub. App development for ATV has primarily been video & sometimes games so other categories of apps are rare at this time.

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