Question Rachio and IFTTT email when internet down

I am using the recipe with IFTTT and Rachio to tell me if my internet goes down. Yesterday I had an internet issue and lost my internet for a brief time (NOT when Rachio was running a schedule). It was down about 5 minutes and after rebooting the router, all is well. I was expecting an email to tell me Rachio lost internet connection but never received an email. Does anyone know if that IFTTT recipe only works if a schedule is running or should it send an email any time Rachio loses internet connection? Much appreciated!

@RXman How does the IFTTT recipe know when your internet is down?


Hi Franz, Truthfully I’m new to IFTTT. I went to their website and under Rachio Recipes it has one that state “If offline Rachio, then send email” Its shows 211 adds, so I thought it was popular. I thought somehow if my Rachio Gen 2 was offline, it would pick that up somehow and send an email. Now I’m even wondering if it means if Rachio servers are offline then I’ll get an email. Very confusing. If your not familiar with that recipe, maybe its better for me to be safe and delete it.

@RXman Interesting, I honestly don’t know what that recipe does :wink:

If the controller is offline for at least 24 hours we send an official Rachio email if that gives you any better piece of mind.

Also, if you go into the app settings you can enable/disable receiving a push notification if the status of the device changes.


My in-laws have issue with a GFCI that is connected to a number of things in their garage and basement. When I had the Rachio Gen 1 plugged into one of the outlets on that circuit I would receive an IFTTT notification that their Iro was offline cause their Verizon FIOS was also plugged in on the same circuit and would drop the internet.
I have this recipe setup: If device offline event registered, then send a notification

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@johnesc Ah, that makes sense. I had forgot about the events we send out in IFTTT that can trigger other things :wink:


Well if an official Rachio email is sent after 24 hours, that’s good enough for me- Thanks soooo much Franz!

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Do you know if a certain time span was needed for the internet to be down for the notification to go out or just once the internet connection was lost, it sent the notification immediately and not 24 hours like the offical Rachio notification- MUCH APPRECIATED

I’m sorry John, this old brain takes awhile to process lolol- Now I understand,its the Rachio event that triggers the IFTTT

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Most Recipes check for new Trigger data every 15 minutes, some even faster.

Got it . Thanks again. I was new to the IFTTT

Long story short, I’ve been out of town, and I have both my Rachio and a refrigerator/freezer on the same ground-fault. I’ve had the ground-fault trip during a bad storm, and I’d like to know if it tripped so that I can have neighbors reset the ground-fault so that I don’t lose everything in the freezer. So I had a moment of brilliance and realized that I had an IFTTT set up since last September that would send me an email should the Rachio go offline. I had a power outage while I was gone - I was able to see in my Rachio Device Updates that it did a “Device Power Status Cycle”, so I knew that I had lost electricity at some point. And then it dawned on me that I’ve never gotten anything from my IFTTT in my email, even when that ground-fault was tripped long enough for things to start melting in my freezer (I’m pretty sure that was on May 2).

I took a look at the activity history on the ITTT Applet, and this is what I found:

This looks like it might not be IFTTT but something from the Rachio end?

And I’m also wondering what the logic is. Does IFTTT wait for Rachio to send a device offline event to it? Would that be the 24 hour time frame? If so, then does that mean that it doesn’t make sense to use this applet?

@Linn I had another post about this and I am working on testing… I will report back to you

Hi Mckynzee, I’m looking for same sort of answers as we’re asked above in this chain. Did you find anything in your testing?

And, could someone ask Rachio developers to explain (a) exactly what events are published by the Rachio controller to IFTTT, and (b) what events/triggers are “pulled” from IFTTT by querying the controller; and © on what schedule the pulled events happen?