Question on message shown from skip from hand picked weather station ( KTXCYPRE319 )


I switched my rachio to start using the “KTXCYPRE319” Weather station since it’s really accurate being that it’s so close to my house. I woke up on 04/30/2021 to a pouring ran outside and thankfully rachio skipped my irrigation schedule which is perfect. The one thing i would like clarification on though is i noticed the following message show up indicating why the irrigation was skipped:

“Fixed Schedule was scheduled for 4/30 at 03:49AM (CDT) but was skipped due to KTXCYPRE319 which predicted 1.39 in precipitation compared to schedule’s threadhold of 0.13 in.”

Is this weather station ( KTXCYPRE319 ) somehow using it’s own precipitation prediction that rachio is aware of? My understanding was weather predictions do not come from weather stations and is some service or third party the rachio developers use to perform predictions?

My guess is you’d already had some rain at that point, so knowing this, Rachio used it to skip watering, and calculated the total predicted rain of 1.39". But that is a guess.

Hey @rraisley,

Looking at the data from weather underground, how come the weather data is precipitation data is missing from

04/29 @ 7:24PM all the way until 4/30 @ 9:49 AM ? if it’s missing i don’t see how rachio can see the data

Not knowing what your schedule is, Rachio will check the conditions at different times. It will start with the predicted rainfall, and depending on the schedule, could move to actual rainfall 1 hour prior to schedule start. Fixed schedules I don’t believe will do the 1 hour prior, while Flex Daily will. Honestly, not sure about Flex Monthly as I’ve never played with that schedule.