Question on Amazon units being sold?

I ordered a unit from this site earlier in the month, and I was wondering if these units were from the same batch I would be receiving from the late July order? I’m an impatient person and tempted to buy it off Amazon if the units are from the same batch and cancel my current order here if possible.


We plan on shipping web orders by the 31st of this month. There are units in stock and available on Amazon that could ship sooner (they manage there own shipping). If you would like it in the next couple days ordering from Amazon would be an option for you. Let us know and we can cancel your web order. Thank you for contacting Rachio, we would love to get a unit in your hands ASAP.

Thanks Doug for the reply. I cancelled everything last night and an Iro is on the way tomorrow from Amazon.

We are sure you will love it. Thanks supporting Rachio!