Question for the smart people on Hunter MPs

I’m sure this is a simple answer but I have no idea what the difference is.

I replaced all of my bodies and heads with the Hunter MP series and I’m creating custom nozzles in my app for them. But I have no idea what the square or triangle key under the precip in/hr means on the performance data chart that Hunter provides. I can’t seem to find legend, I’m guessing it is just something understood in the industry. So I’m not sure what value I should be using. So hopefully one of you smart people out there can enlighten me. :smile:

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if your heads are layed out in a triangler pattern then use the percip rates from the triangle. if layed out in a square use the square, if using neither, godspeed and become a mathalete to compute your own.


That makes sense, I guess I’m going to need to become a mathalete… Some of the head / zone layouts (previous owner had system installed) don’t make a lot of sense to me and definitely don’t fall into a square or triangle. I’m guessing catch cups are going to be my best option.


@boettcht, yep, squares and triangles is “sprinkler talk” for head placement. While I think catch cups are the easiest and most accurate way to fine tune your system, here’s the official Hunter equations for your mathalete dreams:

Any questions? :wink:

Yay, math…

I’m only good at math when I’m drinking a beer. :beer:

@boettcht, haha, I’ll have to give that a try!

If you need a spreadsheet to help calculate your custom nozzle, please send me a PM.

Best, Emil