Question about temperature display on Rachio app

Since I’ve installed the latest Rachio app (1.8.5) for iPhone 5s (iOS 8.3) last week, the outdoor temperature on the home page of the app consistently displays 37 degrees F. We’ve had weather well into the 60’s and 70’s. Other than the temperature appearing to be stuck, it hasn’t affected anything operationally. Any advice appreciated. Thanks


Thanks for reaching out to us. That is interesting behavior! Would you be willing to provide either your username, or the email address associated with your account and I will do some digging.

Thanks again. We’ll get this figure out.


Hi Kevin. Username is landru. Checked again this morning. No change. Still shows 37 degrees. Logged out of the app and back on. No change.


Thanks for the providing that. I will reach out to our software team and have them review. I’ll get back to you once I learn more.


For whatever the reason, the temperature display changed to align with the temperature outside. So it is no longer stuck at 37 degrees. Is the temperature sourced from my nearby PWS (when selected) or some other source?

Hi @landru, Emil here, filling in for Kevin.

You nailed it!

I pulled your weather stations and there appears to be some reporting issues with the PWS. For reference the two reporting stations are:

  • PWS (Personal Weather Station) + Reports
  • NWS (National Weather Station)

As you can see, the temperate reported by the PWS never changes.

I’d recommend we use the NWS until v2.0 of the app released, in which you will be able to choose the exact weather station you would like our cloud API to use when determining rain delay, water budgeting, and tracking weather (evapotranspiration) for flex schedules. We will display a map with national and personal weather stations including all the data you need to make the right choice on which station is right for you (distance, etc.). For more information, please see this announcement :smile:

Hope this helps.

Many thanks. Good to know. Looking forward to this granularity in station selection.