Question about schedules

Hey. New to using Rachio. I live on Long Island NY. What schedule does everyone prefer? I saw an option to water the grass for a very long time and then it just waters once a week compared to watering every other day for about 15 minutes. Just looking for some insight. Thanks

Flexible daily. Have to do a little work to make sure you have it set up right, and then it just does its magic!

It depends on how detailed you want to get on your zone settings.

The Fixed schedules will take advantage of using Smart Cycle (breaking up the durations to allow your lawn to soak up the water) and Weather Intelligence. It will run all your zones on the selected days.

The Flexible schedules requires you (to take full advantage) to input a little more data about your yard (Available Water, Root Depth, Area). It will create an optimize schedule based on these settings and will control when it waters based on your moisture levels. Flexible schedules will water only the zones that need watering according to the moisture levels shown on the Moisture Charts. So, maybe it is showing it in only running for 15 minutes because it is only running one zone. It is less predictable, but you will see the maximum possible water savings.

To take full advantage of the Rahio, I would suggest Flexible Daily. There are threads to help you determine the area of each of your zones, your Available Water, and other Advanced Setting features. There are also plenty in the community who can help you with these settings as well.

Well that’s a loaded question lolol - I’m fairly new to Rachio myself. Most who have used Rachio for awhile like the Flex daily. It’s the most high tec , I believe, of all the program selections. Personally the most important thing to do with ANY of the programs is to correctly fill in whats needed for Rachio to perform its functions - correct sprinkler heads, square footage, etc. I started when they had the “AS NEEDED” schedule which recently changed to Flex Monthly. If you have any type of water restrictions though and need odd even water or certain days of the week, I would probably recommend Flex daily. I personally have stayed with Flex monthly which serves my needs perfectly but may play around with the Flex daily at a later date. Also choosing the closest weather station is very important. Its a GREAT community and there’s ALWAYS someone here to give a helping hand. GOOD LUCK!

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@RXman Love reading these, awesome to see the community getting in touch with their landscape :wink:



Franz, its all due to your FANTASTIC staff and especially YOU who takes the time to read these posts and respond. I’ve NEVER seen such a consumer oriented company in all my life. Its one of the main reasons I chose Rachio over your competitors (and of course your great product lololo). Anyone can sell an item ,but for me , its the caring support you receive AFTER a product is purchased. I’m sure all in the community would agree, you guys are top notch and appreciate the time and effort YOU especially put in to help each and everyone of us. Big or small, technical or not, your always there for us, and I for one am very grateful.