Question about Rachio App for Android

As far as I know, when using the app, it is impossible to determine if any of my zones are activated. Also, when I use the new Smartthings app, the status of my zones is inaccurate. There should be a way for someone to view status of the zones on a phone or tablet.

When a zone is on and from the HOME screen, instead of a “play” button in the lower-right corner, I get a button the has 3 dots in it that looks like it is 1/2 full of water and a timer going down around the circumference of the circle. Are you not seeing that?

Thanks, I had not noticed that circle.

Also, the History screen will tell you what’s been done (but not what /will/ be done). Nevertheless, knowing zone X Started running 10 minutes ago and is scheduled to run for 20 minutes pretty much tells you where you stand. I’ve left that screen up when I wanted to know where I was in the entire watering cycle.

Thanks, again!

If you simply visit, you will see the name of the currently running zone, a progress bar, and pause and stop buttons. IMO this is the elegant display, because it works the same on Android, IOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. If you do this often from a phone or tablet, put a link on your home screen.

Will do!