Question about History and rain sensor

I just installed a Rachio Gen 2. I’ve had a Rachio in the past, so I’m familiar with how things work. After investigating the use of a wireless rain sensor Orbit RX-2 I was informed that it would work with my new Rachio. I hooked it up as suggested (yellow -> S1, white and red -> SC and red -> SP). I tried testing the sensor by pouring water on it. When I did this with the old Hunter controller, the remote unit Active Sensor light lit up, connected to the Rachio, the light did not come on. I googled “testing rain sensor” and found information suggesting I first enable the sensor in the IOS app, I did. It also suggested I “hold down the test spindle” then check the app history. Pushing the spindle didn’t give me any feedback (was it because I poured a glass of water on the sensor?). Anyway, I got no tactile feedback pushing the spindle. Also, nothing showed up in the history. Just for grins, I did Quick Run on a zone (but stopped it before it completed), and nothing showed up in the history. Any suggestions?

I did verify the history showed the Quick Run correctly. So history seems to be working. Still need help with the rain sensor problem. Thanks.