Question about duration times

I set up my Rachio to water on Sunday and Thursday. When I look at the duration, I see the following:

But then I decided to break them up, running my Sunday schedule to start at 6 am, and keep the Thursday schedule to start at the original time, 4 am. When I did that, the Sunday duration times shot up to like 25 minutes per zone. Why is that? Is it because when it starts later (instead of 4 am, it is now 6 am) it needs to water longer?

During the week (Thursday) I want it to complete before shower time (around 6 am), but on Sunday, I don’t get up early so I can start watering later in the morning (plus there is less chance of waking me up earlier).

Any ideas what happened? I decided to put it back to one schedule starting at 4 am both Sunday and Thursday.

@alfredoj, if I’m understanding correctly, you created two different schedules? The first setup to water 2x per week; which you later changed to water 1x week – and the second setup to water 1x per week?

I started with a single schedule to water starting at 4 am, on Sunday and Thursday. I then edited that schedule and removed Sunday (so only Thursday starting at 4 am). Then I created a second schedule to only water on Sunday at 6 am. That one had the increase duration times. The other schedule for only Sunday, still showed the 10 to 16 minute durations. I would expect both schedules would be similar. Is one schedule aware of another one? Thanks


I believe since you cut your frequency down by 1 day, watering minutes would increase to make up for 1 day watering versus 2 day watering.


That sort of makes sense, but now I have 2 schedules the Thursday schedule and the new Sunday schedule. Does each schedule not know about the other one? I could see if I only had one schedule and I cut it from 2 days to 1 day, it would make sense that it would double the duration. (does this make sense?)

I had 1 schedule for 2 days a week. Each day was 11 min. I then change to 2 schedules, each one is for 1 day. I would expect the total duration to be the same, 11 min on one day and 11 min on the other day. Instead I have 11 min for Sunday and 20 min for Thursday. Seems weird to me… Maybe it’s just me. I’ll have to try experimenting some more.


Hey @alfredoj-

You are correct- fixed schedules are unfortunately unaware of each other. So that second schedule recommended a duration based on a one day a week frequency, and ignored the fact that you already had an existing 2 day a week schedule. I have actually never ran into this, but now that I’m seeing it I think it definitely could be improved :disappointed_relieved:

McKynzee :rachio:

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