Pws/weather intelligence/forcasted weather

I have my own pws and set my rachio3 to use this.
I just want to know what happens in a situation where If my Rachio forecasts rain tommorow so cancels a schedule for tommorow or following day due to forecasted rain.
Now tommorow came and went and it didn’t end up raining at all according to my pws, will the rachio3 resume the schedule as if it didn’t rain and overide the predicted forecast with the actual pws results or will it still skip the schedule and reschedule it later or skip it completely.
It’s all flex daily, so my understanding of flex daily is it uses my pws results daily so in this situation it will overide the forecasted rain and use the pws results which show no rain therefore continue the schedule? Is this correct?

With flex daily, rain forecast is not all or nothing situation.

In order for the system to skip, a formula ( current soil moisture + foretasted rain amount - irrigation needs ) should be a positive number. In cases were rain was foretasted, but your area did not get any rain, the amount of foretasted rain would probably be pretty small, thus not greatly effecting the system. Furthermore the next day the soil moisture would be lower, thereby requiring even more foretasted rain in order to skip the irrigation another time.

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And how often is this formula applied? Daily or is it a continuous monitoring (every 15min etc).
I ask as it seems like a daily formula event as I’ve noticed 2x schedules which were happening in 2-3weeks where on the calendar yesterday but today they are no longer there. So I’m guessing the formula is being applied daily at midnight ?

As far as I know, analysis is done about 1 hour prior to any scheduled run, and possibly at the end of the day. In addition flex daily is updated when ever you lunch the app or view data online.

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Really close @Gene :wink: Flex and all other schedule types are checked 12 hours and 1 hour before schedule run.



Awesome. Exactly what I needed to know.
So unless I have a rain sensor. If it were to randomly rain say 30min before schedule. It will proceed to water even though it’s raining unless I have a rain sensor which will interrupt the schedule?

Correct. Any event after the one hour check we are unaware of.


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Rachio team…
A little fine tuning is needed in the code reporting the Weather Intelligence Update.
0.03mm predicted rain is accurate enough…
0.033800000000000004 mm is a little too precise.