PWS Station not available

I have a Gen 2 ( bought at amazon i think) and wanted to use my weather station, so I sent my station to feed to PWS about 6 days ago -however it is still not showing up in the app.

I also have it setup on WU, but if I am understanding correctly all of comments around here, it won’t work on Gen 2.

Any help or tips would be appreciated. Thanks,

I had to add my PWS tdo my Gen 2 by going into the web interface on the suggestion from @Gene For some reason it would not show-up in the Mobile App but once it was added in the Web interface it now shows up in the Mobile App.

I see that you have an Ambient Weather device.

Have you setup your device at PWS Weather?

If you’re setup at PWS Weather you can add it to PWS by logging into Ambient Weather and click on the PWS icon. After that, your station should be selectable in Rachio.

Thanks all - I did contact support and it showed up a couple days later. Not sure if they did something or just caught up. It was definitely over a week and half, but happy it is there.