PWS Showing as Inactive

I have been successfully using my Ambient Weather WS-2902C since the summer, and I love having my own station to use with my Gen 2 controller, as it has made quite a positive difference in my overall use and accuracy of the system, particularly since I live in an area that experiences a multitude of micro climates due to the proximity of two major rivers.

I have been successfully, and without issue, using my PWS station since the beginning, but recently, it has been showing inactive, and has done so for a few weeks. Neither the Ambient site, and WU are not affected, and are functioning fine. Not sure what’s up, but I don’t want to screw around with anything until I consult the experts here. PWS site has not been helpful.

Any ideas about where I should start?

Thanks in advance for your help.

pwsweather has started transitioning from password authentication to API keys, and while password authentication is still supported, it is now obvious that pwsweather is increasingly reporting (falsly) that password used for the update is incorrect (does not seem to effect stations updated with API keys).

In case you’ve been using my wxfyi service to keep your pwsweather station updated, your station was likely effected by this issue. Lately the issue has been effecting an increased number of people each day to the point where now it is obvious, unfortunately you may have been one of the few effected a while back.

I’m now aware of this issue and cleared the error from any account(s) effected. Your updates should be occuring normally. Going forward I’ll be updating the code to avoid trusting the errors reported by pwsweather as much as I did.

For best results, I recommend you switch from using your password for updates to using a pwsweather API key. You can do so by logging in to and clicking edit next to your station, API key should be visible on the bottom left. Be sure to copy the entire 32 character key, not just transcribe the visible portion.

Private message me, your station ID and the API key and I can update your setup to use this more reliable method, alternatevly you may experience a few more interruptions prior to updated code being ready.

In the long term it is likely that pwsweather will stop supporting password authentication all together as they seem to be having issues supporting both at this time.


I just wanted to publicly thank Gene for jumping right in behind the scenes and getting this all back and working again for me.

Nobody needs me to remind you that Gene is a real credit to this community, and a major asset here (but I figured I would anyway) : )

Thanks again, Gene!