PWS reporting issues


I have a ambient weather WS-1000 Wi-Fi and a meteobridge reporting to part of the PWSWeather network. When I log onto PWS all my rain data is showing up perfectly with correct amounts. I have my weather station selected on my Rachio an it seems to work perfect for a few days then all of sudden will say watering was skipped because the weather station observed and it always a very large amount 774.01 inches of rain today it only reported 387 inches of rain interesting how it is half as much? If I select another station for a day or so and go back to my weather station it will work fine for a few days reporting exactly what was observed then after a few days of no rain it will start reporting this huge amount again and always at first the 774 inches. I installed updated firmware on my meteobridge but If I check the data on PWS and it is correct then my station is reporting correctly. What can I do?


What is the PWS station?

I can open a support ticket with our weather provider (Aeris) and we can determine where the incorrect data is coming from.



Person Weather Stations. Web site I can see my data from weatherForYou web site.


Can you post here or PM me the station name in question? I can then work with our weather service provider on data quality. Thanks.





Ok great, I’ve found examples of the bad data, sending it off to our weather provider now.



Amazing response time

Thank you!!!


387 inches is biblical proportions, glad the data is incorrect!



you and me both. I thought I may need to start building an arc.


Here is the response from our weather provider. Seems like a data issue that they will look into and correct.



Checking against PWSweather,

It looks like for this station, odd data was received from the station/software to, which in turn was sent to the Aeris API.

This is most likely errant data, that can be removed. I will contact our team to remove this errant value. Also I will connect with the PWSweather team so they can review how the value made it through their QC.


Strange. If you look at the daily summary at the top of the page it shows 0.00 precip but in the log it shows that huge amount. Is this a problem with what my weather station is reporting through meteo bridge or a problem with PWS service? If I go to wunderground I do not see this value.


I’m guessing PWS, it sounds like they are going to reach out to PWSWeather to see if there are any QC issues regarding the data being received.



@sdwilki, are you still experiencing this error? We had a similar issue with another user. The feedback from Aeris was This station is using software VWS v15.0 to send the observations to PWSWeather. There is an issue with our handling of the precipitation calculation for this specific software. The API is currently using the max value per hour, but for this station / software combination we are required to use the precipitation rate between each observation as confirmed with the PWSweather team. I’m curious if your station is in the same boat?


Another followup, looks like a fix will be out by Thursday to help with errant data.


I wanted to provide an update on this.

We confirmed it was an errant value received from the station. PWSweather will list the data in the individual data requests, but ignore it when making a summary. Our team is made this adjustment as well internally and running tests now. We are schedule to push the update to production on Thursday, which should prevent such an errant precip value from being utilized in the future.

I will leave the ticket open and provide a final update once I have confirmed the update has been pushed to production.


@sdwilki, posting an email reply from you that I believe you meant to post here:

I have narrowed it down to what may be causing the issue. The weather station is showing correct data but the bridge I am using to report to PWS may be the issue.

Just wanted to circle back and check in to see if this issue has been resolved for you yet?


I have not for a while. I think I worked out the issue. It was with the meteobridge server feeding PWS. I was not getting a good signal from my weather station

Thanks for the update @sdwilki :slight_smile:


In the Rachio web app and the IOS app (not yet 2.5) the reported temperature is much higher than is shown on the PWS web site for my location. We have had daytime highs in the the 80s, but the forecast in the app shows in the 100s. The lows are probably close to correct. is the station is it seems to be reporting correctly.