Pws not showing true precipitation data

Why do some pws report rain and then no rain. For example. It rained most of debug but more than half the month shows no rain.

Do you know the source of this data? Link seems to indicate WU station KCAIRVIN53 (link), but that station has not reported anything for 162 days (nothing since September 2018).

Not sure. I just looked clicked the more info button on the PWS to see the data. There is definitely some data from parts of Feb 2019. I know I got rain skips for part of the month. Just frustrating when the sprinklers turn on and its raining outside.

Alas it looks like you may need to find a new station. Do you see any other nearby stations, either via Rachio or WU, that may work?

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So how do you find a good stable pws

Here (link) is an old post of mine in which I give a few pointers. When you find a station you like, let me know and we can set it up to be used with Rachio.


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