PWS - No precipitation data

My own PWS is MID_E7812 and Rachio is reporting that ‘No precipitation data!’. Weather Underground is showing is showing the correct precipitation. If I follow the link to the CWOP Information page everything looks correct. If I then click on the Findu link for the last 24 hours of weather data it also shows the correct amount of precipitation.

Where is the data getting lost?



Are you using flex daily? If so does the rain data show up in the moisture history chart?
No rain flag on the map comes from the provider and could be faulty, big question is if you actually get the data.

I don’t see a moisture level anywhere.

I’m using a fixed daily schedule with weather intelligence on.

Try adding a flex daily schedule to the same zone, this should enable the mositure graph and show rain data in your history.


Not the easiest thing to see (you’ve shared a very low resolution photo), but it does appear that there is precipitation data from yesterday.

Sorry it came out so small. It is showing precip but it isn’t looking at my PWS for some reason.

Gene - Any other ideas?

can you upload a better screenshot? Start > “Snip” (Snipping tool) > Mode > Rectangular snip > New

Select > save > drag and drop into a reply.

This shows precip on 7/14.

The history says there was no skip because I didn’t get enough rain on Tuesday. The skip is set for .125 inches.

This shows the 'No precipitation data!

As far as it showing no Rain data, since you are getting info over NOAA network, it does not parse rain since midnight (only 24 and 1 hour figures).

Quoting from question 7 of FAQ @

The letter “r” followed by 3 numbers represents the amount of rain in hundredths of inches that fell the past hour. The letter “p” followed by 3 numbers represents the amount of rain in hundredths of inches that fell in the past 24 hours. Only these two precipitation values are accepted by MADIS. The letter “P” followed by 3 numbers represents the amount of rain in hundredths of inches that fell since local midnight.

The raw data (link) being reported to your station omits r and p figures, only reporting the P figure which is not reported to MADIS / NOAA.

“…” designates a missing parameter, as per Q.7 from earlier FAQ.

Basically the software you use to update your CWOP station sucks, sorry, if you send me your Davis device ID / mac address, or a link from their weatherlink map (here), I can start updating your station with the proper rain figures included. You will need to disable the updates from Davis software so that it will not cause interference.

P.S. Seems you are having barometer issues (link) as well , though it could be potentially explained by Davis software:

I can send the Device ID but I can’t figure out how to disable the updates from Davis.

Let me know if this is helpful, simply uncheck CWOP and/or delete your station ID from there.

CWOP uploading is stopped now. The device ID is 001D0A00D6EF.

Gene - I’ve got a new but I assume related problem. I had rain skips the last two nights even though I’ve had no rain at all since Sunday. Any ideas?

Can you temporarily share full control of your controller with I’ll look into it.


Looks like rain skip looks at the previous two days for “observed” reading. On the 19th (Sunday), you’ve has 0.13" of rain, which effected the following two days (20th and 21st).
19th itself got skipped because in addition to 0.13" of rain that day, it added 0.02 from two days prior on 17th for the total of 0.15" of observed rainfall.

In summary, when ever evaluation for rain-skip occurs, it totals rain data over the previous two days, if that total is more or equal to threshold for that zone, irrigation is skipped.

That seems like a strange way to measure precip. I’ll give it one more day and see what happens.