PWS (Netatmo) Wind Gauge odd readings - Impact on Rachio?

After reading the FAQ, I’ve just purchased the Netatmo with Rain and Wind Gauge and set it up to push the data to PWS and linked it with my 2 x Rachio Gen 2. It all seems to work but the Wind Speed reported at PWS is “16091.8 kmh N” !!! (but is reported as “- N” when viewed in “English Units”). Doing some googling I see that PWS has this reported speed for other Netatmo stations not just mine.

Would I be correct in assuming that

  1. MetroWare Plus is just not passing the Wind Speed Data at all to PWS, and
  2. What impact is there to the Rachio with such odd Wind Speed Data, or
  3. Have I setup something incorrectly?

Woops … I may not have waited long enough, the last data for Wind Looks Correct at 1.1 kmh over at PWS now.