PWS Information

Can Rachio be configured to work with the Aercus WS2083? For that matter, has someone compiled a list of preferred PWS’s; those that have been tested and “blessed” to work with Rachio? Thanks

Hi @landru, good morning!

I do not see this on the list of approved PWSs at this time. For a complete list of recommended manufactures, please refer to this list. They should all be “blessed” to be able to communicate to our weather services API. You’ll just need to connect it to our weather services to sync it up to the Iro. To do so, please follow the steps in this support article.

Hope this helps :smile:

Best, Emil

I did not see Netatmo on the list, I thought that PWS was recommended. I’m moving to a new home in a few months and I plan to add a Rachio. In preparation I purchased a Netatmo and rain gauge, hope it is still interoperatable with Rachio.

BTW, great user community interaction from the developers, that was part of my decision to go with Rachio…

Hi @Norm, here’s the link to setup a Netatmo. It’s really easy. If I can do it, anyone can :wink:

Glad to hear you’re enjoying the community. Let us know if there’s anything we can do better.

Best, Emil