PWS connection

I just added my own PWS and its online in wunderground. It does not show up on Rachio site to add as my own single weather station. Does anyone know how long it might take to show up?

Depends on which generation Rachio controller you use. Do you have a Gen 3 controller, or a 12 zone Gen 2 model.

New stations take upto a week to show up within Rachio map, but you need to make sure that your controller can support WU network by default, or if you have to relay your data via pwsweather network (for older controllers).

I have the Rachio 3 which shows WI Plus or choose single stations which is from WU. I’m transmitting data to WU, Ambient Weather, Weather Cloud etc. maybe its just the delay then since I went online yesterday afternoon. Thanks for your response.

Yes, Gen 3 does support WU network directly. You’ll just have to wait for your station to pass the QC process. If you can’t wait there is a workaround available (here) but you have to be comfortable with command prompt