Pws and nws

Personal Weather Stations seem to create a lot of confusion and questions for users when rain is not reported correctly by them. I know 2.0 might address some of this. Have you considered some sort of option to use both national and personal weather stations?
My thought would be if a PWS varies by more than 1/4 inch from the nearest national WS, then you would go by the one that recorded more rain (as typically the problem I see on the forum is that the PWS does not load the data in time for the Iro to use it).
A better solution might even be a notification to the user that the PWS may be unreliable. This could be signaled by repeated discrepancies between the PWS and other data (say, more than 1 inch per month difference). The user would have the option to continue using the PWS or not and turn off future notifications or not on that subject.
Or a crowd-sourcing option - rate your local PWS’s accuracy on a 1-5 star scale. Those PWSs with lower scores would be labelled such and newer users may choose to not use it.

@bwjordan Great ideas, a lot of them we’ve discussed internally.

End goal for sure.

More complexity, but doable.

After this season, I want to reflect on weather in general. I’d like to get more accurate weather data, that might minimize the impact of PWS.

Also, to your points above, there are probably some things we can do to actually better leverage PWS.

Thanks for the feedback!