PVC Compression couplings?

I realize the Orbit push irrigation couplings are recommended for PVC, but would PVC compression couplings work as well?


Right now I am using copper right up to the flow meter where I’ve got sharkbites. The issue I’ve got is that its impossible to remove the flow meter without cutting the copper pipe (the segment of pipe I have the flow meter installed in doesn’t flex so I can’t pull apart the fittings).

Since I need to re-install the flow meter I’m thinking I’d like to transition from copper to PVC in advance of the flow meter so that I can use PVC unions to make the flow meter removable.

E.g. something like this:

I wouldn’t recommend the compression couplings since I have seen them break down prematurely and under different pressure situations.

I do realize that the Copper to PVC transition couplings do cost a pretty penny but they are your best buy for the money anyways.

Home Depot and Lowes both have a Sharkbite repair coupling that doesn’t have a stop in the middle and requires their removal tool to move it around. It is a bit longer than your traditional coupling but does allow for moving the unit around.


Aaaaah, okay, after watching the video on how those slip fittings work, a single one of these will be sufficient, and I won’t need to switch over to using PVC to make installation possible.

Perfect! Thanks!


@spscoutenPhD, thanks for the recommendation on the sharkbite slip fitting! It solved my clearance problem perfectly!!! SO much easier than re-sweating a new union, and nice to know that I will be able to easily remove things if need be.

I installed a new flow meter this morning and got back up and running. I’ve got 7" of pipe between the slip fitting and the flow meter.

All but the tiniest zones calibrated without an issue.


I’m glad to here that. Please feel free to check back when you need more help.

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