Putting back together wiring after Pool Install

So I cut my main line before and after the pool and have to put it all back together. All of my sprinkler zone wiring (10) and the master valve are red wires. What’s the easiest way to know which wire is which from the controller without a bunch of testing and re testing? Can I turn on zones at the controller and then go to where the wire is cut and test for a charge with a multimeter? Which setting?


@Nhamp07 - the most common sprinkler voltage is 24 V AC. This will still involve a lot of testing. One wire will be the common wire for every valve. That will be a little easier to determine on the controller side.

I might suggest a tone and probe like device to identify each wire. Such as -> https://www.homedepot.com/p/Sperry-Lan-WireTracker-Tone-and-Probe-Wire-Tracer-ET64220/202520187

On the solenoid side of the cut the tone may come down the common wire in addition to the zone wire, if the wire is not disconnected from the solenoid.

Good luck and have fun!

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Yea, no real way to do it without a lot of testing…

I agree with @DLane @tmcgahey.

With all the wires being red you will have to tone to locate the common and master valve wire. If you know where the valves are, I would splice the cut wires back together, then tone back to the controller starting at your master valve. Get a pen, paper, and numbered tape to mark as you go.

Identifying the master and common wire at the controller is key. Once you do that you can just activate zones and put them in order.


I doubled checked and the common is white, master is black and the 10 zones are red.

That’ll make it easier to just stick a wire in zone 1 turn it on and see where it belongs.

That’s probably easier than re programming the app?


@Nhamp07 Awesome! I would activate them individually and put them in order.