Push notifications when "No recorded precipitation data" is recorded

Please send push notifications when the weather station I have connected to shows “No recorded precip data”. I am a new user and assumed (incorrectly) that the Rachio was running, and not running, taking into consideration that it should not run when I had received precipitation in close proximity to when the Rachio showed it was scheduled to run. I had NO idea that the weather station (closest National weather reporting station that Rachio defaulted to in my area) was not reporting or recording precipitation.

I was speaking with a Rachio representative regarding another issue of concern…and that is gathering weather information from Weather Underground, as I have a personal weather station in my yard. This is when I learned the local National weather station was not reporting precipitation, and he guided me how to connect with a local weather reporting station in my area.

Since my Rachio device ran shortly after it rained extensively in my area, no numerous days, I have been wasting water since I was not aware the National weather station was not sending this information to the Rachio device.

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Hey @Gijoe-

Thanks for the feedback. We are working on reducing the occasions that users are unknowingly connected to an unreliable weather source. Did you end up connecting to a different local weather reporting system or your Personal Weather Station? @Gene has a pretty sweet setup for connecting your WUnderground station to your Rachio weather that you can find here: Using WUnderground.com to integrate Personal Weather Stations.