Push notifications for Shared Access Users


I just learned that shared access users (anyone other than the primary) can’t receive push notifications from the app. I see on Rachio’s website in area discussing the app that the intended use seems to be shared access with your irrigation professional. In my case, my husband set-up the Rachio so he set himself as the primary and shared full access with me using my own account. This allows us both to adjust schedules and manually water as needed; however, only he receives notifications that watering completed, didn’t complete, etc. This makes sense if you’re sharing with your irrigation professional, but not if you’re sharing watering responsibilities within a household. It would be great in a future release to let anyone receive the notifications if they wish. They can always turn them off within the app itself.



I agree completely. You could probably set up an IFTTT applet or some such thing to send you alerts when certain events trigger to one thing or another for now. However allowing push notifications to go out to customers sharing a device is a fantastic idea!


I am the one who set up the account and I gave my login credentials to my husband. He gets all the same notifications I do. Sometimes drives me crazy when his phone is sitting on his desk in our shared office. Thank goodness he’s only in the office usually one day a week.:grin:


Haha I can see how that could be problematic. Still I think its better that both of you get the alerts!