Purchasing rachio3 on Craigslist

Anything I need to be concerned with during a Craigslist sale? The price is good but know many “smart devices” have hurdles when purchasing on the grey market

@Toddyfunk - make sure the prior owner did a factory reset on the device to wipe it out. Rachio can assist you if you get a serial number already in use error message when setting up the device. Get the original power supply. There are three generations of Rachio, so know which one you’re getting. Some Gen 2’s could have issues when removing the wires if the prior owner wasn’t careful. If getting a Gen 2, make sure the wiring block terminals are all good (if you need all the terminals for zones).

Thanks for the reply. Previous owner did reset. It is a gen 3 that he never actually installed (changed mid and are removing grass for play area) I was able to get it connected and tested without any issues.

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