Pump Start Relay install with Rachio gen 1

I’m replacing my Intermatic irrigation timer with a gen 1 rachio. I read that I needed a pump start relay in order to give my pump power but I am lost on how to wire everything. The instructions don’t follow of what I have. I have two wires black and white coming from the circuit breaker (and a ground wire) and two black and white wires coming from the outside of the house from the pump. I know I need to connect a wire to the rachio but have no clue what type of wire to buy. I bought 18/2 wire but I only need 2 wires to connect to the rachio (common wire and the master valve wire).

Any help would be appreciated.

The pump replay I bought is an Orbit.

This is also an Indexing Valve system.

Pump start relays are usually activated using the master valve terminals. The 18/2 is fine. The relay will use the 24 volts from the controller to activate the relay.

The wires from the pump and breaker box will wire to the other side of the relay. The relay instructions should explain that.


Where can you buy pump relays? Can I get one that will handle a 240vac, 1 1/2 HP motor?

Any information would be helpful.

@alankirsh, do you still need any help with this?