Pump relay does not switch off


  1. I connected a pump relay to rachio gen 2.
  2. The relay switches on when any zone irrigation starts.
  3. When watering ends, relay coil side is still powered with 24v, so pump works all the time.
  4. When i disconnect the wire controlling the relay and masure the voltage it drops to 0V.

Has anyone experienced this? What am I doing wrong?


@wwl, a few clarifying questions to help!

  1. Are you running multiple Rachio controllers sharing one pump relay?
  2. Where did you purchase your Rachio controller?
  3. Can you post or email us (support@rachio.com) a photo of your current wiring to review?
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I’ve fixed the problem. It was not the wiring. I have 230V AC in outets and I could not use transformer provided by you.
I assumed that Rachio is powered with 24V DC 1A, which is not true.
After switching to 24V AC power supply everything works fine.