Pump delay

Is it possible to add a feature to allow the M pump to delay after a zone turns off? Currently using surface water my pump and zone turn off same time and the system losses pressure and because of the length to the lake, it takes a few minutes to repressurize after pump zone comes on.

@johnsonchris84 - you might try turning on the reduce water hammer option. This option opens the next valve before closing the previous valve.

That is a good idea, put I am also looking to keep pump on until the last valve closes…

@johnsonchris84 is there a check valve in the supply line to keep the water from draining back? If not, I’d place one close to the lake to keep the pipe full. If there is a check valve in place, I might check it to make sure it is operating correctly.

There is one. But as valve closes and pump turns off, reduces pressure.