Public vs. Private Cloud - Ensuring continued use of Rachio

Is there a way to run the Rachio app on my own server, so that I am not reliant on Rachio services to connect to my controller?

There is nothing wrong with the existing model, it works great. However, unless I have misunderstood how the controller and the app communicate, if Rachio is down (or out), I wont be able to run my controller anymore, other than by manual prompt.

No you can’t. Rachio sits in Aws so if that is down I’m pretty sure the world is on fire


I think it would be a great idea for Rachio to provide some level of “local” interface which could be used when internet access is unavailable. In rural areas such as ours (Sonoma county, CA) outages are still relatively common. The basic ability to turn the system on/off and set a manual schedule as can be done with the “remote” function today would be a great start.

There are really two primary use cases I see:

  1. Make sure the system can be turned off during inclement weather (since Internet is down it won’t stop fixed schedules on its own).
  2. Make sure zones can be manually turned on to prevent wilting in hot weather (with Internet down flex schedules won’t run).


One of our initiatives will allow those types of functions locally. On our roadmap but don’t know when we will implement.


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Would a rain sensor help with number 1?

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@plainsane a rain sensor would partially accomplish#1, but needs a level of rainfall above a trigger threshold which might or not be reached. Every time we water the vineyard we are consuming 4 gallons per vine. 6000 vines, 24000 gallons. The ability to turn the system on/off with certainty is desirable. The controller is almost 1/2 mile from the house, and the property is 100 miles from home, so both local and remote access are important.