PSR wiring with Rachio Outdoor Enclosure


I already installed a Hunter Pump Start Relay PSR-22 which is working fine, and also wired a pair of 24V to the C and M terminals to a Rachio 3 unit. Before placing the Rachio outdoor enclosure on the wall, I tested it by connecting my Rachio 3 to a regular outlet by using an extension cord so it reaches the outside location where the installation is taking place. Everything worked well. Now, what I need is to feed my Rachio enclosure from a 120V circuit and my question is if I can wire it directly from the PSR to the Rachio enclosure so it works.

See attached a photo of my current installation for the PSR, and the wiring diagram as well. Note I am marking the section where there are 4 screws and looks like a terminal which I can attach wires over there but not sure what are those for and perhaps any of you may know how to finish this job for me.

Any ideas will be much appreciated.

Thank you


It looks like you forgot to attach the photo. This might help me to understand what the question in.

If the PSR-22 is used at a main valve, it sounds like you wired it up correctly via the C & M terminals. The power adaptor that came with the Rachio connects through the barrel connector. Then, when you turn on a zone, the PSR-22 should kick on.


See photos attached.PSR-Connect-Power-Source-2

Ah, you are asking about the wiring on the PSR-22 itself, correct?

Is the pump 120 V or 230 V?

If 120 V: I would guess that the black wire with the red tape is the hot wire with the other black wire is neutral and you have no ground, correct? If so, I would put the neutral on the block underneath that is labeled neutral. The same would go for the other side, but I cannot tell which is wired for hot or neutral.

If 230 V: Then you might not have neutral or ground and might have it correct.

With it being outdoors and near water, I would feel more comfortable with everything grounded. I would suggest contacting an electrician to make sure everything is correct and safe.

Thanks for the input. Allow me to expand more how my installation is setup:

The circuit is 220V (2 30amp breakers). I suppose the pump is 220V but it supports dual voltage; see attached image of the pump label and it is ground wired as well. Also, the photos for the intermatic control that I am replacing are also attached so you can read the voltage as well.

I already tested everything the way is connected when using the PSR by plugin my Rachio 3 to a regular outlet using an electric extension cord, so the only thing I am missing is to feed the Rachio outdoor enclosure so I can finish the job. With this information, do you think I can just wire it directly to the PSR or do I need a separate 120V circuit?



I’m guessing, but based on the wire going into the PSR I think you have a 230 volt pump. It could be a 120 volt pump, but I would have expected a different colored wire than two blacks on both sides.

No, I don’t think you can use the grounding block to like you want to. I think all four of those terminals are connected together.

Regarding the Rachio, a neutral line is missing. I’d probably vote for a separate 120 V circuit.

Yes, one can change out the 220 V circuit breaker to a 120 V circuit break, change one of the 220 V lines to a neutral and re-wire the pump to run on 120 V AC. Again my vote is a new circuit - the pump will run cooler and less electrical noise on the line supplying the Rachio with a new circuit instead of feeding it off the pump start relay.

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Thanks for the feedback. How doI change the 220V circuit break to a 120V? Do you have a wiring diagram or more details so I can work on that? Makes a lot of sense what you are suggesting.

Thanks again

From what I see, the pump can be either single (120V) or dual (240V) phase depending on how it gets hooked up. Usual the dual phase is more efficient with less electricity used.

You asked,

do you think I can just wire it directly to the PSR or do I need a separate 120V circuit?

Since you were talking about plugging the Rachio 3 to a regular outlet using an extension cord, I presume you are asking about wiring the Rachio for power. You need to use the power adapter to get the right voltage to the Rachio. This can be to an existing outlet or a new one. The PSR does not have an outlet to plug into. The Rachio does not have 120V going to it, only what comes out of the power adapter. I suppose if you want to power the Rachio from the PSR, you could run one hot leg of the 240V over to the Rachio with neutral & ground and put in an outlet.

I am hoping I am answering your question. I seem to be confused on the question still. Maybe I am getting myself distracted with all the detail, sorry if I am.

Hi Thomas,

Thank you so much for taking the time on this, and sorry if I didn’t explain myself correctly, English is not my first language.

The only thing I need to do is to power the Rachio outdoor enclosure (see attached) so I can connect the Rachio 3 unit to it. I already checked and the PSR gets 220V from the circuit panel, and the pump is working at 220V as well. I also read about this PSR model and the terminals I circled on the first photo I attached for you, is used to connect a neutral and a ground wire (both sides IN and OUT). By saying this, can I still feed the Rachio enclosure from the PSR directly? Or definitely I will have to install an outdoor outlet dedicated to the Rachio Unit?

Thanks again.
rachio enclosure

Okay, I think I am understanding more. The following seems to be the options that I can think of (probably the order I would personally consider):

  1. If you have access to whatever is on the opposite side of the wall from where the Rachio is, I probably would drill hole through, feed the low voltage line to the Rachio and plug in the transformer.
  2. Do you have room for an outlet box in with your Rachio? If so, you could run wires (hot, neutral, & ground) to an outlet that you would plug the transformer into.
  3. Run wires (similar to 2.) to an outdoor outlet outside of the Rachio enclosure that you would plug the transformer into. Somehow, you would have to run the low voltage wires into the Rachio enclosure, making sure it is protected from the sun & weather

On both 2. & 3., the high-voltage wires could come from a new/existing breaker (if it is close by) or the PSR (only one of the hot wires, plus the neutral & ground).

It is hard to give more precise suggestions without knowing where everything is. It might be good to check with an electrician and local building codes.

Hello Thomas,

First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time on this. Also, please apologize for the delay on my response.

I did pull out a 120v circuit from the main panel as per your suggestion, and now I have independent power to the Rachio unit. Everything is working perfectly and I just need to place the apposite conduit so everything is setup according to the electric norm.

Thanks again for the support.

I think all of us in the community is happy to help or at least do our best Thank you for giving us the opportunity.