Prospective customer wanting to see if Wx stations are near my house?

Hi guys. Just about to pull the trigger on a complete system sporting a Rachio G2. I have been trying to get a decent idea of what weather stations are near my house. I cant really seem to find them since I dont have access to the Rachio app yet. Could somebody please help me see if there are any stations close to my house in Olathe, KS?? Just having a hard time biting if it turns out there are no stations close that would increase the chances of having strong predictive capability with my system. Thanks all!

@jataylor11, using to identify NWS stations it looks like there may be one at New Century Airport (KIXD)

and using it looks like there is a personal weather station in Olathe.

Thanks for the reply. Im about 4 miles from both of those stations. I did end up finding one on that is only .9 miles from my house (KKSOLATH33). From the little bit of reading I have done arent Wunderground stations off limits to Rachio users?

@jataylor11 - Wunderground stations are not currently (V2) natively support. One can use @Gene’s site (use the beta version) to mirror a Wunderground station to PWSWeather where Rachio can pick it up. When using someone else’s PWS: a) make sure it reports precipitation, b) that it seems to be accurate (I have a neighbor two houses away who’s system is now dramatically under reporting precipitation versus my rain gauge and c) that they don’t take down the system or it goes off-line. I’d start out with the airport based system as it should be up and running 24x7x365.2422. In Kansas I don’t think the rain, temperature or sunlight will be that much difference three to four miles away. There are places, e.g. Phoenix and Colorado, that three to four miles away will be a different climate. I currently am using the NWS airport station that is less than four miles from my house.