Programs & Zone

Hello community,
I need help before buying a Rachio 3. I have a water well and need to care about it I can’t waste water. I have 16 zones with my old Orbit B-Hyve. My question is, can I select a zone and create a schedule? example: 6.00am zone 1, 6.30am zone 2, 7.00am zone 3 etc… ? with my Orbit I have only 4 programs and I can’t separate the zones.
Thanks, everyone!

As long as I understand correctly, you can put whatever zone(s) you want on whatever schedule(s) you want. For most last year, I had my entire lawn (6 zones) in one schedule plus 4/6 of it in four schedules, due to reseeding. I believe another option is to use one zone, but have a 30min rest period between zones (I do not have a pump, so not set up that way). I presume that is to allow the well to not get too low.

Thank you!