Programming Manual for Rachio 3?

Is there a written manual that describes all the programmable features of the controller?

We only have a installation manual. I would start here for a deeper dive on all the topics.

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I would agree that there are certain advantages to instruction manuals. There are certainly nuances to the app that would be helpful if they were in writing. Searching the blog for any certain problem is much more difficult than opening a manual that describes how each setting or feature works. I set my Rachio up a few years ago and I think I have everything right but I’m not 100% certain. I mean, the grass is green most of the time so I guess that’s one indication…right?


I’ve tried to search around for some information in the Community, and have come to several conclusions:

  1. There’s some good information, including some apparently thorough descriptions of features.

  2. Trying to search for things takes too long. It’s not a good use of my time and as @jjyahoo points out, it’s not possible to be confident that one has seen all the nuances.

If you can’t be bothered writing a manual that will let your customers understand the product you’ve sold us, perhaps you might at least post a table of contents for the manual, pointing to posts in the Community that do thoroughly describe the various features.

Without a manual, I don’t know what I don’t know. A table of contents would at least list all those things.